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Warren Jeffs turns into Bat Boy


Just sitting in my office scanning the news tonight, and what did I see? It wasn’t the amazing story in the Weekly World News that caught my attention (Bat Boy Sues Batman in Paternity Suit). It was the photograph. Never thought I would see a pool photo from the trial of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs used in the Weekly World News, and definitely never imagined that they would PhotoShop Bat Boy’s head onto the FLDS prophet’s body. That’s my photo on the right of a similar moment from inside the courthouse. If you don’t know who Bat Boy is, you haven’t been reading the Weekly World News, the nation’s #1 newspaper dedicated to stories about aliens, Bigfoot, and the famous Bat Boy.


While the story is comic fiction, the last line could just as well have been written about Jeffs’ defense attorney Wally Bugden. It reads:

When asked to comment, the defense attorney simply furrowed his brow, shook his head and walked away.

You can see the article here at the Weekly World News site. It will make you register to see the Bat Boy story, but it’s free.

October 2, 2008 .:.
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