The Week of January 27

winter road, Nine Mile Canyon
Figure 1

Spent a day, all of it, driving from my house to Wellington and then up through Nine Mile Canyon to Myton. It’s a 78 mile trip, that last part, and there are no services. Very little traffic of any kind at this time of year.

I made it in a car with 301,000 miles, with the thought of becoming stranded on my mind the whole way.

My only optimism came from the stores of water, chocolate and half a foot of a Subway sandwich I’d saved from lunch.

The assignment was vague, at least the subjects of the assignment were vague, so the trip ended up being very similar to how I started out in photography - driving remote roads and making photographs.

oil fields in Duchesne County
Figure 2

After I while I entered the oil fields in Duchesne County and the landscape became more visually interesting as far as my assignment went.

trees along the highway
Figure 3

The drive home was treacherous, made in a driving snowstorm over a remote mountain pass in a sedan better suited to dry asphalt, listening to a fascinating Stacy Kranitz interview on the LPV Show Podcast. Wait a sec, the interview has vanished from their site.

I found the interview to be gripping - in the way that there were approaches detailed that I disagreed with, weaknesses were revealed, and other stuff that words fail to describe just now. It was raw talk, which is great. Rock on, Stacy. I loved the interview and signed up for a year’s membership to LPV based on this and the interview previous (season 3, episode 1).

Figure 4

Here are your book covers for the week.



Figure 1: the view south, coming out of Nine Mile Canyon

Figure 2: Oil fields, Duchesne county

Figure 3: Trees, just out of Roosevelt

Figure 4: Miscellaneous book covers