Smokey's Edit: Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets

Okay, I'm in charge of the edit today. Let's see what you made of interest from last night's Utah Jazz home opener...

Gordon Hayward comes out of the fog
Figure 1: Gordon Hayward comes out of the fog.

I thought this was a publicity still for the next Twilight film.

Oh, come on. Don’t insult the subjects, Smokey.

Derrick Favors, player introductions
Figure 2: Derrick Favors, player introductions.

Better. Obviously you didn't know what to expect from this contraption.

Yeah. I don’t shoot a lot of professional wrestling, so I don’t always know how these fog machine strobe light extravaganzas are going to look.

Enes Kanter looks for a shot
Figure 3: Enes Kanter looks for a shot.

This is one of those photographs that you'll like. No one else will.

True. It will sit in a file forever unloved.

Derrick Favors looks to pass
Figure 4: Derrick Favors looks to pass.

Nice interplay of figures. Soft.

Yes, soft.

Enes Kanter with his mouthpiece on his ear
Figure 5: Enes Kanter hangs his mouthpiece on his ear.


Rudy Gobert
Figure 6: Rudy Gobert caught in the strobe.

Probably my favorite.


Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder
Figure 7: Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder.

I'm running out of words.

Me, too.

Alec Burks reacts after fouling
Figure 8: Alec Burks reacts after fouling.

That one sums up the loss.

Yeah. Let’s move on.


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